Bijal Ghelani

Bijal currently lives and works from her studio in Switzerland.

Art has been her passion since childhood. Living in some of the most beautiful parts of the world coupled with her global travels added fuel to her passion and made her transition from being an architect to an artist very seamless and satisfying. Growing up in India has influenced the bright colour palette one will notice in her art. Additionally; her background in architecture has enabled her to observe the finer details reflected in her work. 


She works in oils and with the help of her tools- brushes and palette knives, in multiple layers to convey the mood and artistic expression of the various subjects that interest her. Her admiration of the floral element found in their natural surroundings or decorative form add an interesting flavour to her compositions.

She has taken part in many exhibitions in various countries since 2014.


All of her work unless otherwise mentioned are on sale. She is also happy to cater to individual requests from art lovers.

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