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Bijal Ghelani

Bijal currently lives and works from her studio in Austin, Texas.

Art has always been her passion since childhood. Living in some of the most beautiful parts of the world coupled with her global travels added fuel to the passion and made the transition from being an architect to an artist very seamless and satisfying. After living in countries such as the Netherlands, the UK and Switzerland, and exploring and exhibiting at various art expos and festivals there since 2014, she is looking forward to doing the same in my new home, Austin, TX.


Her primary medium of expression is oils and loves to explore different techniques to achieve the vision of the subject. Her work primarily focuses on landscapes; and having grown up and studied architecture in India, and being exposed to the natural environment and pristine landscapes of Europe, her work is greatly influenced by the bright color palette and fine detailed study, resulting in the work being a true reflection of her, i.e. simple, full of life and harmonious.

All of her work unless otherwise mentioned are on sale. She is also happy to cater to individual requests from art lovers.

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